Teddy Bear Dreams: Dancewear, Baby gifts, and teddy bears too! Visit us at 45903 Wellington Ave in downtown Chilliwack.

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General terms & conditions

Teddy Bear Dreams

Teddy Bear Dreams Inc has put together this website for you to view our products and make purchases.  By using this website you agree to the terms and conditions we put forward. 

Price and Ordering

We reserve the right at any time to change the pricing on our website and to cancel or refund orders if our website pricing show an erroneous price, stock levels are wrong, inventory is delayed, or technical glitches occur in your order.  We also reserve the right to limit or refuse to process an order if our shipping costs exceed the quoted amount.  We do limit where products can be shipped to.

Currently, we are unable to accommodate purchases of adult size clothing for youth over the website. Exemption certificates are available in store.

Payment Methods

We take payment by Visa and Mastercard online, and debit in store.


We rely on manufactures sizes for our products and sizes may vary by manufacture.

Personal Information

We have an extensive personal privacy policy posted on this site, but essentially we can collect personal information, order history and information provided by your web brower and device to improve our website, inform our marketing and inventory system, and to share such information in a future business acquisition, and use cookies to do so.  We rely on third party processors to collect payment processing, who we depend on to keep your information sage.

Shipping and Returns

Please view our separate page on shipping and return policy.


We have the right to remove reviews for any reason or limit visitor’s abilities to place produce reviews.

Rights Retained.

We retain the rights to any intellectual property displayed on the website.  Under no circumstances do we authorize you to copy or retain copies of the webpage, images, or text other than as reasonably necessary to view the website.

Termination and Blocking

We may terminate accounts immediately with prior notice and without liability if you breach these terms and conditions, use profanity, post fake material, or engage in any behavior on the website that endangers our ability to deliver our products and services, or that is unreasonable in nature.

Limitations of Liability

You agree that under no circumstances are we liable for any loss that may occur by a data breach of a reputable 3rd party we use for any of our website.  We are not liable for any downtime, consequences of mistaken order, economic losses or shipping that may be slower than expected.  Our maximum liability is limited to the greater of $100.00 and the price that you paid for goods or services from us.


We hope we can resolve your problems by you emailing us at [email protected].  You agree that any disputes over use of this website, services we offer, products we sell, or other disputes between you and us will be decided under the laws of British Columbia.  Any disputes must be handled through the BC Civil Resolutions Tribunal.


You agree that we may periodically update these terms and conditions without prior notice to you.